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If spring break was a man, I would marry him immediately. Continue reading

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why closeness scares.

God changes our hearts and our minds, and our actions SHOULD follow. But often, I think we are right there, standing at the ledge that God is asking us to jump from. He tells us to stop being so selfish, to stop worrying so much about what we are going to eat for lunch or whether or not these jeans make us look fat… this is when we most easily back slide into safety. Continue reading

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Just had an epic battle with the font editor.  I came out victorious. For those of you who have never gone to the Twin Cities in the spring…  Shame on you.  Go now, and be shocked by the niceness.

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I love this picture, and that is about all I’m going to get out of my currently useless brain tonight.

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Just attended the joint birthday party of my seven-year-old niece and my three-year-old nephew.  Holy buckets was that overwhelming.

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fairy tales.

Tonight I went over to my sister’s house.  She has four kids, and a youth pastor husband, which means he is gone a lot in the evenings and she ends up at home, on the verge of insanity.  In attempts … Continue reading

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Snow on the first day of spring is just an evil irony….  The weatherman on channel 5 is currently LAUGHING at our situation right now.  Yuck it up, weatherguy.

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