I should be grading.

I am currently sitting on my living room floor, completely fascinated with the Oscars.  I have seventy-six things I need to do, so I thought now would be a good time to start a blog.  I am nothing if not a master procrastinator.   It truly is a gift.

Good heavens, Oscars winners are self-righteous.  I think I should make a film so that people will think that I, too, am incredibly wise and mysterious.

Need more coffee.

Attempted to get more coffee.  Sadly there were about three teaspoons left in the pot.

Sentence fragments.

Need to go read Tom Sawyer.

Oh, Kate Winslet.  You are beautiful, and also, an example of a successful transition from brunette to blond.  Winslet, I applaud you.

But seriously, I need to read Tom Sawyer. The transition from Oscar to Twain is going to be a painful one if I keep this up.  So will the transition from weekend in my sweatpants to Monday in my teacher clothes.

I have things… things that I plan on unloading on this page at a later time. Things involving reflection on the youth group retreat I helped lead this weekend; the lives I saw change, and the lives I didn’t see change.  All in all, it was an encouraging weekend, and I was put to shame by a sixteen-year-old girl with a humble heart and a weary soul.  Absolutely incredible.

Right. Tom Sawyer. Focus, Moore.

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One Response to I should be grading.

  1. the Riviera kid says:

    you iz crazy

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