If only my ear wasn’t trying to kill me.

I haven’t had an ear infection since I was eight, but today, this juvenile ailment decided to rear its ugly head.  I am feeling bitter about this.

I am also feeling bitter at my bank, who up and decided to change my debit card number last month.  This has  made automatic withdrawals quite the bear.  I have been calling every financial institution I can think of in order to fix my accounts with them, and have taken to hitting zero repeatedly once I get to the menu voice mail, just to get to a “representative” more quickly.  I hate automated answering machines… although I do find myself more able to yell angry witticisms at the telephone when I know it’s not going to answer back.   The release is pretty cathartic.

I was driving to school today, and I had a thought……. and then I lost it.   It was brilliant, and I was excited about it, and now it’s gone.

Today there was a book fair at my school.   There was a book for sale about the girl from Columbine who was murdered when she confessed to believing in God.   I told my sixth graders about it, and they all looked at me with wide eyes, like I was telling them a secret that everyone else had already been told.   It was crazy; I felt like a foreign correspondent from the past.

Two hours later, I came to realize that my eighth graders have never lived, in any sort of real consciousness, in an America before 9/11.   They were looking at a book about the woman who received one of the phone calls from a passenger when they had been overtaken, and they were making jokes about it.  I couldn’t believe their insensitivity, until it occurred to me that when 9/11 took place, these kids were four years old.   9/11 was never a shock to them; they have never lived in a world without intensive security checks at the airport or Al Quida threats on Fox News.   It makes me wonder what exactly happened right before I was born, or when I was too little to understand, that rocked the rest of our nation and world.  I should look into that.

I should also look into finding some medicine for my left ear.


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One Response to If only my ear wasn’t trying to kill me.

  1. the Riviera kid says:

    really luv the blog – wassup wiv your ear?

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