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Over the last two weeks, I have been completely sucked into watching American Idol. I have avoided this disease for YEARS… but I guess I wasn’t as immune to it as I thought. I am currently watching the top twenty-four contestants sing “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble, and I cannot tear my eyes off the screen. I think the funniest part of this is that there are a couple of super rockstar guys who have probably been singing awful things like Nickelback and Creed for their audition rounds, but here they are… bouncing to bouncy, bouncy Buble. Baha.

I have made an idiot of myself about a zillion times today, and I becoming more and more convinced that I need to go into a profession where I don’t actually talk to people. When you are verbose, Irish, and self-identified as being witty, you tend to get your foot stuck in your mouth on a daily basis. I would really like to start avoiding this.

My roommate just told me that she thinks that one of the girls from Idol looks like a Treasure Troll because of her big crazy hair. Hahaha… I heart my roomie. Oh, wait… Treasure Troll is going home. This is sad, I actually really liked her voice. Or maybe I just liked her hair. I am not sure.

It is officially spring. Thank God.

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