waking up


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For the past two days, it has taken all of my inner strength to not take off my shoe and beat someone over the head with it. See, this is exactly why I need Jesus. Without Him, I probably would.

In other news, St. Patrick’s Day. It is the day for all of us Irish American pasty short people to join together and say, “Hey, today is my day. Does your heritage have a day? Because mine does.”

Daylight Savings Time is making my waking up in the morning extremely difficult. This morning I laid in my bed for twenty minutes, listening to the sound of fresh coffee filtering and dripping through to the coffee pot, and giving myself a pep talk.

‘If you get out of bed, you can have coffee. So that means you have to get out of bed. Now. Go. Out of bed. Now.’

This went on for quite a while, but don’t worry. I got out of bed, AND I got coffee. So… win win. Win.

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