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neighbors and forgivers.

Overhearing a fight is much akin to watching a train wreck. You want to stop listening. You want to look away. But something terrible inside of you is incredibly curious about how the whole thing is going to turn out. Or maybe that’s just me. Continue reading

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Uploaded pictures…burnt my dinner.

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no coffee.

I woke up this morning and opened my bag of Starbucks Verona coffee beans, only to find that I had exactly THREE coffee beans left. I am going to the store…. NOW. With headache intact.

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kicking and screaming.

I would just like to announce that I very nearly threw a full on hissy fit multiple times today.  I mean it.  I spent the day fighting a growing desire to throw myself on the ground, throw something small (and … Continue reading

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light and dark.

“Yes, I’ll take The Old Man and The Sea, The Bean Tree, Pride and Prejudice, and oh yes, this porn book.” Judgmental librarian eyes stare down upon me. I smile uncomfortably and ask if I can have a bag. Continue reading

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I am now going to share all of the statistics of my life with you.  Get excited. Days that have passed since Spring Break ended: 2 Number of hours I have slept in the last three days (total): 14 Amount … Continue reading

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Good Friday.

For as long as I can remember, we have tied rubber bands around the eggs and dropped them into multiple colors. I was always that over-doer when I was younger, the one who would want to put an egg in every single color, and then I would be upset when the result was an egg that looked like it had been dropped in mud… or something much worse. Continue reading

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