Good Friday.

Every year, the women of my family (my family overwhelmingly consists of women, by the way) dye easter eggs.  This is a picture I took from last year’s batch (Ten points if you find the bunny. It’s like Where’s Waldo.).  For as long as I can remember, we have tied rubber bands around the eggs and dropped them into multiple colors.  I was always that over-doer when I was younger, the one who would want to put an egg in every single color, and then I would be upset when the result was an egg that looked like it had been dropped in mud… or something much worse.  In some ways, I am seriously still that child.  I am constantly fighting my desire to do things in excess.  This is not always a pretty part of my character, although it does often end up with humorous (if not slightly disastrous) results. 

Anyway, I was thinking about what I wrote last night about reasons why people choose to go against the grain, and decided that it pretty plainly relates to today.  Jesus lived counter-culturally, but He did it to save us, the unworthy idiots that we all are.  Thank God for grace.  Jesus died so that grace could exist in the same presence as justice, so that we could exist in the presence of God. 

 I was thinking this morning, that as the God of the Universe, the amount of difficulty it took for Jesus to die was far greater than the difficulty required for Him to come back to life three days later.  When you have complete control over these things, I am just imagining that allowing yourself to be killed, a situation in which you appear to have no control, but in reality, have complete control, had to have taken an insane amount of will-power.  More than that, it took an insane amount of love for us–you and me.  On the flip side, rising from the dead (though incredible), was not something Jesus was dreading.  He didn’t cry tears of blood because He was going to have raise Himself from the dead.  No… It was the Friday that was the darkest part of this story.  And now we celebrate.  We celebrate today because Jesus died.  We celebrate Sunday because he didn’t stay dead.  I’m never going to be able to wrap my head around this.

I will spend my day of celebration buried in paper grading, drinking coffee that tastes a bit like battery acid, and making a quick run to Best Buy.  Last night, along with washing six loads of laundry full of socks, jeans, and t-shirts, I also managed to wash my earphones.  I am brilliant when it comes to all things domestic.  Nevertheless, it’s a good day.  Don’t skip straight to Easter Sunday, folks.  You’ll miss it if you do.  And dye some eggs, for Pete’s sake.

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