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good morning.

My ADD appears to be in high gear today. Oh look, puppies. Advertisements

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This morning I’m going to have a nice, long chat with God about how much I fail Him, and I’m going to ask Him for forgiveness, and then, because He promises He always will, He’ll forgive me completely.  God knows … Continue reading

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I’m moving in a few weeks.  This means that this week has been predominantly spent going through old boxes of stuff, throwing things away, and repacking. Tonight I found this friendship locket that I got with my best friend from … Continue reading

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crazy people.

Couldn’t fully describe the last 45 minutes of my life if I tried. I’m thinking of never leaving my house again and seeing how many Chinese takeout containers I can collect over the span of the rest of my lifetime.

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the way Jesus loved.

I’m reading through the book of Matthew right now.  I heard someone say once that you need to read through all four of the Gospels before you can fully fall in love with Jesus.  I think part of the reason … Continue reading


morning thoughts.

Holy cow do I need coffee.  I need coffee. The problem with shutting your AC off at night is that in the morning, the sun beats down on you until your entire apartment feels like Dante’s sixth circle of hell. … Continue reading

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clear paths and open doors

We both cried out to God during our times of worry, but my worry, in comparison to Jesus’ worry, was that of a toddler who cries because she isn’t allowed to play with an electrical socket (How’s that for an analogy?). What must have it been like to be Jesus at that moment in the garden? How fast was His heart pounding? How much were His hands shaking? I wonder if He was worrying about how much this would all hurt His mother. I wonder if He was terrified about feeling a separation from His Father for the FIRST TIME in His entire existence. Continue reading

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