I’m moving in a few weeks.  This means that this week has been predominantly spent going through old boxes of stuff, throwing things away, and repacking.

Tonight I found this friendship locket that I got with my best friend from my childhood.  She doesn’t talk to me anymore because I tried to share the Gospel with her right before we left for college, and it just came out all wrong.  I really hurt her feelings, and when I tried to fix things, it was too late.  It’s been five years.  The crazy thing is, at least three times a year for the last five years, I’ve had dreams that we’ve made up and that we’ve just been able to sit and talk again, like we used to.  I always wake up from those dreams thinking that I got my friend back for a few seconds, until reality hits me.  I’m sad on those days.

I think about you all the time.  I hope you’re doing okay.

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  1. Erin says:

    I had an experience earlier this year that mimics what you wrote here. I had a best friend in high school with whom I had a huge falling out freshmen year of college. We lost touch. There was a lot of hurt, a lot of pent up anger, and a lot of wounds delivered to both parties. I didn’t think we’d ever talk again.

    I saw her just once in the next 5-6 years… on the boardwalk in Duluth. It was awkward. Eventually, I forgot what we fought about and the emotions dissipated. I wanted to see my old friend again. I didn’t know how to reach out. I didn’t know what to do after all this time. So I did nothing except ask God to bring us an opportunity to forgive and reconcile- something only He could orchestrate.

    This past winter, it happened. On a rare, random weekend I made the trek home to Duluth. I attended the Vineyard Church up there on Sunday morning, but not the early service like I usually like to do- the later one. I don’t really know many people there aside from just a handful of folks. As I sit down, I see my friend walk in with someone else I know (who turns out to be her co-worker) and I was shocked. My mind raced “I’m not even sure what she thinks about God, let alone church- what is she doing here?”

    I tried to focus during the service but I felt so incredibly nervous. I knew this was God’s gift to me, to us… a chance to reconcile. As the last song was playing, I went over and tapped her on the shoulder. We looked at each other, burst into tears, and hugged each other until we stopped crying. We exchanged words of forgiveness and healing. It was such a powerful, beautiful moment. So much healing happened then, it was amazing.

    So be encouraged, God does crazy awesome, beautiful stuff like reconciliation all the time.

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