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it could be fiction.

I just read a few pieces of short fiction written by a friend of a friend.  I don’t know this kid.  Yes, I’m creepy and I stalk people sometimes.  So do you.  Stalking people you don’t know is one of … Continue reading

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and i

I can’t get over this song right now. The Cave It is lousy with New Year’s resolutions.

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People should avoid ceramic pets.

. For the last five years, a woman has lived across the street from my folks who has decorated her lawn via a life-sized ceramic fox in her front yard. Every time I look out the four-paned glass front window, I think, Oh look, a fox. It’s so still. This is generally followed by, No actually, that’s the same lawn decoration that’s been out there for the last five years, genius. Continue reading

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And now for something completely different.

 I’m  not a songwriter.  I’m not one of those people who sits around writing angsty songs.  I roll my eyes in an ‘I am way too cool for this’ disgust.  I am definitely not a songwriter. But if Iwere a songwriter, this … Continue reading

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Clive + Christmas

I’m reading Mere Christianity right now.  It is so good.  C.S. Lewis was a friggin genius.

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I am snuggled up in my old gray t-shirt and navy blue sweatpants, sitting in my sister’s kitchen. I’m watching her make some sort of magical egg creation that I wouldn’t know the first thing about, and the entire kitchen … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas (War is Over)

It’s Christmas time.   Today is the first day in a number of days that I have felt whole.  I’m not going to get into the specifics and exacts of why that is.  All I can say is that sometimes … Continue reading

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