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     I feel like I need to write something down here, but I have no idea what to write. That’s never stopped me before though…. Oh wait, here we go:      I spent this weekend with my best friend. It was … Continue reading


see. i. wrote.

It’s been a silent few weeks, and I got write for Kyria to explain exactly why that is.  Lookat.

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A play.

The setting is Friday afternoon, at a non-for-profit communications ministry in Jesustown.  The time is 4:15.  A small girl sits in a lonely cubicle in the middle of a half-deserted office suite.  She has exhausted all of her listening options for … Continue reading

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Something to think about.

I would love it if I were never mobbed. And if I could live the rest of my life without being flashed, that would be stupendous. However, I am sort of wondering why I have never been flash mobbed. Note: … Continue reading

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Dear Fembot:

Dear Jillian Michaels,

I know that you consider yourself a workout guru/queen/slave driver. GOOD FOR YOU. However, in your workout dvds, you rarely workout at all. You do one rep, and then you walk around and point at your little minions who are slaving away to jumping jacks and high kicks behind you while you leasurely stroll around, yelling things like, “You’ve got to give me all you’ve got if you want these abs!” in your robot-woman voice.

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