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perfection and failure and grace.

My worth is not based on my own perfection, but on the perfection of Jesus Christ. His perfect Life. His perfect Sacrifice. His perfect Love. Continue reading

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Happy Christmas (War is Over)

It’s Christmas time.   Today is the first day in a number of days that I have felt whole.  I’m not going to get into the specifics and exacts of why that is.  All I can say is that sometimes … Continue reading

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Ooohoohoo snow.

Everything is better when it snows. I am convinced that my coffee tastes better this morning. My house looks prettier. Even that grill outside that Heidi and I have no idea how to use looks kind of precious all piled up with snow.

Snow covers the imperfections. I think maybe that’s it.

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the bermuda triangle.

Me: “I need a job. What if I never get a job again, and I end up living in a box. Or a hollowed-out tree stump. ”

God: “Stop worrying.”

Me: “I’ll stop worrying when I’m rolling in the pretty pretty money again.”

God: “You know you’ve never actually rolled in money.” Continue reading

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